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FERN/Forest Peoples Programme Special Report on Poznan Forest Watch Issue 134, January 2009

poznan issueThis two-page summary by FERN outlines the climate change discussions at the 14th Conference of the Parties (COP14) of the UN Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It covers various stages in the drafting process for the COP decisions, interventions by NGOs and Indigenous Peoples’ organisations, and implications of the decisions reached.

“The UNFCCC meeting did, however, not lead to any concrete results on REDD, good or bad, with contentious and critical issues such as the financing mechanisms (carbon trading, a fund or a combined approach), definitions (what is a forest, what is deforestation), and monitoring requirements (to which level) left unresolved.” – Extract from the EU Forest Watch Poznan Special Issue January 2009

The report concludes that REDD still risks becoming a perverse incentive that contributes to further forest degradation. It recommends that to ensure climate justice, REDD and other such schemes must not be an excuse to delay effective and radical cuts to carbon emissions in Annex I countries. There needs to be a progressive ‘decarbonisation’ of our societies, otherwise any benefits from commitments to reduce deforestation will be lost as climate change destroys the forests.

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